DoW 127: Wrecking Caching

“Basically as useless as a chocolate fuckin’ teapot”

-Specials guests: Littlephish of MC and CSM XII candidate Roedyn of Wrecking Machine

-Winter War 2017: Over or just getting started?

-A look at the strategic situation in the New South

-Mercenary Coaltion contract summary for the Catch war

CSM XII elections are here! We discuss potential changes to the voting process

-Roedyn talks CSM, wormholes, Citadels, trading, and much more as the hosts push for details on his platform and experience

-Host Highlights: a tour of the EVE Gate, a tackled Titan, winning the EVE_NT cup, and more!

-Theorycrafting Corner debuts! Jin and Artimus discuss Escalation Theory as it applies to the EVE combat meta

-Dramatic reading of the weirdest recruitment mail Alek has ever received

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One thought on “DoW 127: Wrecking Caching

  1. The crew had some good questions about Roedyn’s suggestions for nullsec, but if there are future space-controlling features like that it would make sense to attach them to the currently flag-waving TCU I suppose. It could be interesting to extend beyond nullsec as well – in FW there is a lot of talk about how dropping a citadel in a system is a more powerful way to assault it than a POS was. Similarly putting down citadels now in systems you control will make it a lot easier to maintain there if you lose it, rather than getting locked out of the NPC stations. I’m not convinced personally how much of problem there really is that needs a solution.

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