DoW Episode 39 – “Arydanika Returns”

The wonderful Arydanika returns to Declarations of War for a FULL episode that will ACTUALLY be released!! I know, right? It’s great.

-Thanks to Arydanika for the re-do, shoutouts to CCP Fozzie, Rooks and Kings, Moment of Silence, and the EVE Pod Pack Skype channel
-A nearly tied poll about 0.0 renting sparks an interesting discussion about sov
-Arydanika talks about her latest happenings with the New Eden Open and the Pod Pack channel
-Dec Shield “war” and organizing our space junk on Contract Wrapup
-This Week in Mercs: Wiking Brigade leaves Dec Shield and joins Marmite Collective
-Anticipation builds for HBC vs Stainwagon
-We talk New Eden Open Finals
-New devblogs on the Inventory, Bounties, and War Decs
-CSM breaks new ground with its Development Strategy, look for townhall coming soon
-Superstar Power Ballad


DoW Episode 38 – “Rooks and Kings Edition”

-Rooks and Kings edition featuring Lord Maldoror and Eldareth
-Lord Maldoror describes the proper way to request triage support and R+K’s origins in Great Wildlands, along with tons of stories about their battles with CVA, FW, sov coalitions, and more
-Noir. pays a visit to Impass
-Drama in the HBC as The Jagged Alliance falls out of favor while -A- sov continues to be flipped
-Speaking of, updates on Nulli + friends as well as HBC/Gypsy Caravan vs SOLAR
-New changes to the HUD on the way.  Lord Maldoror might have an opinion about it.
-New changes to Battlecruisers, Command Ships, and gang links are announced to a surprising lack of give-a-fuck by our hosts
-Reset button hit on the Stakeholder project while the CSM visits the Assembly Hall for some memorable trolling Clarion Call I Latest R+K Vid

DoW Episode 37 w/ special guest Pinky Feldman

Former Noir. member/youtube sensation Pinky Feldman stops by to catch up with Aleks and Turtle after a busy year in space. 


-Pinky Feldman fills us in on what he’s been up to in Moar Tears
-PLEX controversy discussed with scientific polling
-Contract Wrap Ups: Piracy in Ouelletta (, highsec war vs Dark Taboo and Drama Llamas. Good stories, good fights
-This Week in Mercs: New mercs popping up but not listed and a returning unit to Merc Contracts
-EN24 vs
-0.0 Warfare: Dotbro falls as CFC claims Tribute and soon Vale, -A- reorg, Gypsy vs SOLAR begins
-Backstabbing, ice interdiction, blueprint hauling, and related drama
-Faction warfare changes
-Alek sheds light on the progress of the CSM Stakeholder experiment
-Noir. Masterclass: Because of Falcon
-Ending music from The D.O.T.’s new album “And That” (