DoW Episode 37 w/ special guest Pinky Feldman

Former Noir. member/youtube sensation Pinky Feldman stops by to catch up with Aleks and Turtle after a busy year in space. 


-Pinky Feldman fills us in on what he’s been up to in Moar Tears
-PLEX controversy discussed with scientific polling
-Contract Wrap Ups: Piracy in Ouelletta (, highsec war vs Dark Taboo and Drama Llamas. Good stories, good fights
-This Week in Mercs: New mercs popping up but not listed and a returning unit to Merc Contracts
-EN24 vs
-0.0 Warfare: Dotbro falls as CFC claims Tribute and soon Vale, -A- reorg, Gypsy vs SOLAR begins
-Backstabbing, ice interdiction, blueprint hauling, and related drama
-Faction warfare changes
-Alek sheds light on the progress of the CSM Stakeholder experiment
-Noir. Masterclass: Because of Falcon
-Ending music from The D.O.T.’s new album “And That” (


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