199: And Now The Weather feat. Phantomite and Loroseco Kross

“The intent looks like it’s to make life more difficult and dangerous”

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-CSM winner Phantomite and WH CSM hopeful Loroseco join us for a spirited discussion of the top issues of the day

-Is CSM living up to Phatomite’s expectations?

-CCP announces the detail for a new series of space storms which will be ravaging New Eden in an upcoming release

-The effect of these storms on infrastructure attacks launches a wide ranging discussion on their effects, the health of Citadels and caps generally, Surgical Strike being a good patch or not, and the value of resistance buffs/debuffs

-WWB2 Updates! Noir.’s contract concludes as PanFam takes half of Fountain and Legacy half of Querious. The first Keepstars fall without defense from Imperium, who are counter attacking sov in Querious. When will the heavy shots fall?!

-A series of massive lowsec brawls lead to the destruction of SNUFF’s staging Fortizar, at great cost to the attackers

-Host highlights and more!

Phantomite’s Lantorn video

An analysis of resists in EVE

Storm Dev Blog

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3 thoughts on “199: And Now The Weather feat. Phantomite and Loroseco Kross

  1. First off I love the podcast and listen as soon as I can get to it. I have to say this podcast was difficult to get through, I have an issue with this trend in Eve that if something (a new feature or buff) doesn’t totally benefit a persons gameplay, then it is the stupidest feature ever to be released by dumb, lazy, unintelligent and purposely antagonistic devs who must be pedophiles and Nazis (of course I exaggerate but that seems to be the theme). Although I appreciate hearing people’s opinions, the over the top criticism and the crying over you potentially and temporarily nerfing a portion of your gameplay Gets tiring and I hope I am alone in finding it tiring and for the first time not listening to the rest of the podcast. I would implore you all to push back when guests use terms like this will destroy all gameplay when it only may affect a specific portion of the individual’s gameplay.
    I would say that this is one persons frustrated opinion, I hope to be able to get to the rest of this episode in time and taking this all into account hope you can put out more episodes more often. I do love your content. Thanks

  2. What a great show! Loroseco was a fantastic guest. I was gobsmacked at how much difficulty Alek had at following the argument that a 1% reduction in resists is almost meaningless if it drops you from say 30% – 29% whereas it DOUBLES INCOMING DAMAGE if it drops you from 99%-98%. And yet Loroseco patiently tried to explain and then politely pretended it was HIS fault for not articulating it clearly.

    Before I won EVE a couple of years ago, I was considering throwing an app in to Hard Knocks. Very impressive group. Shame on CCP for peeing in the sandbox yet again. They’ll never learn.

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