Dow 85: A Slightly Closer Bridge

“Now, I read in the comment section of some news sites that you plan on then RMTing that isk…”
-Alex and Turtle tag-team the show with guest/friend/former CSM 9 member Major JSilva
Properly timed poll discussion: What’s your read on these jump changes?
EVE News: EVE Vegas hits capacityCFC/Nulli supers down, still not news; Pandemic Legion/Waffles. ‘support’ CVA sov warfare in Catch, down a station upgrade in the process; The Research Race of YC116 begins (and concludes), with the major results to be announced at EVE Vegas
Interview: Major JSilva
Contract Wrapup: Outer Ring, weeks 2/3
This Week in Mercs: Break a Wish hired for industrial sabotage
CSM Corner: Silva looks back on his time on CSM9; Dev Blog Roundup: Updates to the Sensor Overlay, Exploration Buffs, and upcoming Forum improvements.
Ending: Jem and the Holograms- Only the Beginning

DoW 84: A Bridge Too Far

“Literally everything you see on the way will try to kill you.”

Kingblade fills in for Ali as the cast takes on the latest Dev Blog Drama

Ironically-Timed Poll Discussion: Do you have faith in CCP’s 0.0 Task Force?

EVE News: The Null Deal, CCP Announces Force Projection Nerfs, RVB celebrates its 7th birthday

Contract Wrap Up: Syndicate IV, new contract in Outer Ring

CSM Corner: CSM upset that CCP pushed out the jump changes blog with only a very small window for feedback

Masterclass: Carriers

Ending: We Dem Boyz (Louis Futon Mix)