DoW 84: A Bridge Too Far

“Literally everything you see on the way will try to kill you.”

Kingblade fills in for Ali as the cast takes on the latest Dev Blog Drama

Ironically-Timed Poll Discussion: Do you have faith in CCP’s 0.0 Task Force?

EVE News: The Null Deal, CCP Announces Force Projection Nerfs, RVB celebrates its 7th birthday

Contract Wrap Up: Syndicate IV, new contract in Outer Ring

CSM Corner: CSM upset that CCP pushed out the jump changes blog with only a very small window for feedback

Masterclass: Carriers

Ending: We Dem Boyz (Louis Futon Mix)

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One thought on “DoW 84: A Bridge Too Far

  1. The jump changes will have quite a significant impact on casual players like myself. I’m happy to adapt to changes in the game – they help keep it fresh – but there’s only so long someone like me will spend on personally logistics vs pew-pewing before getting tired of it.

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