DoW CSM 18 Ballot

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The voting period for the 2023 CSM election has begun and will continue till Sept 11. Thanks to our Single Transferrable Vote system, even if your top choice doesn’t have enough support it that vote trickles down to your next choice until it helps someone get over the line. So vote your heart! And with that in mind, here are our recommendations for your top spots:

  1. Stich Kaneland: Stitch is a very unique player in that he only plays on one character. No multiboxing, no alts. He is an experienced, well rounded small gang player and FC with the ability to engage with players and ideas from other backgrounds and interests in a thoughtful, intelligent way. He’s aced our CSM panels in previous years and very nearly got elected last year. This is the guy.
  2. The Oz: One of EVE’s most prominent economists, Oz is a financier with an impressive background in and out of game. He’s got an incredibly deep understanding of the EVE economy and how all of it interacts. There’s no one I’d trust more to analyze a proposed change to the game and how it will effect prices, supply, and player spending.
  3. Pandoralica: The only incumbent in our top 5, Pando is everything you could want from a big-bloc-FC perspective candidate. He knows what drives fights, escalations, and wars at the highest levels of the game while being a reliable friend to streamers and small gang players alike.
  4. Cael Caderu: An FC for Deepwater Hooligans, Cael has a lot of experience in small to medium sized fleets particularly in lowsec, FW, and acting as a third party to other conflicts. This is his first time running and a relatively unknown from a CSM perspective, but Cael was arguably the most impressive candidate at this year’s DoW CSM panels and he would fit right in on the Council.
  5. Amelia Duskspace: A prolific PVPer, small gang FC, content creator, and AT pilot. Amelia knows the small gang side of the game and can articulately convey that vision to a broad audience, getting technical where needed. He represents one of the more effective medium-sized content creating groups

In roughly suggested order, we strongly advise including these excellent candidates on your ballot as well:

Mike Azariah

Angry Mustache

Storm Delay

Mark Resurrectus

White 0rchid

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CSM 18: Conflict and Consequences

Featuring Amelia Duskspace, Cael Caderu, and Gideon Zendikar

-Conflict Drivers: Balancing challenges of passive income and whether the best incentives are for individuals or organizations

-Force Projection: How do you evaluate the effect of changes to jump bridges and what factors besides direct changes to Ansiblex would affect the force projection meta?

-Should we have more or less conduit jump mechanics in the game? The pros and cons of conduit jumping Titans and Carriers

-The candidates give their examples of the best and worst balancing changes CCP has ever done

Candidate Threads: Amelia Duskspace, Cael Caderu, and Gideon Zendikar

CSM 18: Markets and Monetization

Featuring The Oz, Yondu Quill, and (eventually) Angry Mustache

-BoosterGate: The business case against Gold Ammo, and what happens when CCP crosses The Line

-Is CCP too interventionist in the EVE market?

-CSM’s level of influence in CCP’s business decisions

-Market accessibility

-Candidate Threads: The Oz, Yondu Quill, Angry Mustache

260: Sin Cycle

Not going to be as pitch-forky as I initially thought


-Noir. Contract Update: Sujarento

-The problems with Carriers

-Patch Notes: FW Complex Rebalance

-T2 Dreads: Bane of Jump Freighters

-What are the best pirate implants for small gang warfare?

-CSM Election: Early look at candidates

-The Battle of Athounen

-The Ancients vs Barcode: We hear from Zeeroak Ool live in the ring