DoW Episode 35 – A Mercenary’s History

Crack out the history books, because it’s time for a lesson. In our biggest interview to date, Mercenary Coalition founder Seleene joins us  to take a look back at one of the most infamous mercenary alliances in New Eden. You can also find an amazing look back at some of EVE’s best videos with a film tour curated by the man himself, here:

Thanks for listening, see you next episode!

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8 thoughts on “DoW Episode 35 – A Mercenary’s History

  1. Hey guys. I’ve been checking your website over the last couple of weeks trying to learn when this Podcast was schedule. Unfortunately, I never found the information. Do you guys conduct the Podcast live or is it just for download? Thanks.

    • We record the podcast itself every two weeks. There is no specific date for release outside of my/Alek’s own goals, as editing may take some time depending on my schedule. It’s safe to assume that we will have a release every two weeks as well. Check out our iTunes/RSS feeds, you can download it automatically when it’s released.

  2. I really enjoyed this, it was great to hear Seleene talk about the old days it brought back a lot of memories from that time and before when I was in Fountain with FA.

  3. Great episode. Eve history is so rich and it’s nice when the elders can wake up from their naps on lavish feather like beds of ISK to tell us youngins about the good old days. Grandpa Seleene always tells the best stories!

  4. This was just so amazing to listen to. I would not mind to work for two months to get a cruiser if only the world would still be so open. These days one has to slip through the cracks of the system. All the ISK an individual pilot or even a corp of a few score can make means nothing in the face of all those mega coalitions and that is sad.

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