DoW Episode 36

Noir. veteran FC Laeveteinn joins Aleks, Turtle and Cass for another installment of Declarations of War. Thanks for listening!

-Amazing new FC + Fleet Concept site launches
-Noir. recovers sec from Ouelletta, takes first assassination contract to lose it again
-Ghost Army leaves merc life for FW, Clann Fiann joins Transmission Lost but still taking contracts
-Shake ups in NC. leadership and the role TZ warfare is playing in the northern conflict
-Red Overlord failcascades while AAA loses their first station in Catch, SoCo not looking good
-PLEX Prices Spike: Causes and Consequences
-CCP Sreegs holding alliances accountable for botting
-Retribution released
-Bounties and the CSM Stakeholder Project
-Noir. History: Joining Trinity Nova Alliance

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One thought on “DoW Episode 36

  1. Great episode guys. It will be interesting to see The Screegs effect on the current state of botting in CCP. I’m sure there will be some shake ups with alliances being held accountable and assets suddenly disappearing.

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