DoW Episode 34 – “A Quiet Night In”

Vile Rat Fund:

-Tribute: UMI falls, NC. moves to Vale to continue its defense
-The South: Major additions to the HBC, Catch invasion imminent?
-Someone in Get Off My Lawn leaves said LAWN with +46b ISK
-Epic Fights, brought to you by Triage: Verge of Collapse vs. IRC, Rooks and Kings vs. CVA
-New destroyers, Vaga models released
-Ship balancing plans revealed, and they’re way ahead of schedule!
-Contract Wrap Up: Y-MPWL
-This Week in Mercs: GIS news and Veng Inc’s Bombers Bar makes headlines
-CSM voting/election reform discussion/powderkeg
-A very frillin’ Noir. Masterclass: The Vagabond

Next week’s episode will feature Seleene, EVE’s most famous mercenary. Don’t come expecting any CSM talk, we won’t be having it; instead we’re talking the life of Mercenary Coalition, EVE’s history, and the future of mercs in New Eden.

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