DoW Update

Hey guys, Alek here.

Apologies for the delays in new episodes. I’ve recently moved to a new time zone and gotten a new job schedule. Finding a recording time that works for all of us has been trickier than anticipated.

Not unsolvable however! We will be back will new eps next week, covering the New Eden Grand Prix event, the results of the Black Mark Awards, the CSM Summit Minutes, and much much more.

Good to be back!

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2 thoughts on “DoW Update

  1. Glad to hear you’re coming back. Didn’t think you’d pull a Jade on us.

    I didn’t think the race idea would work. I watched it (well, at least until the guy won) and I’m still not sure if it worked or not. Kudos for trying something different, though. It looked like a lot of work.

    • No joke about it being a lot of work. Took a month just to get all the ships for the race sorted. Then there was getting them into the wormhole, which proved to be much harder since we found out you can’t put assembled ships in a standard freighter.

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