DoW 90: Vegan Minutes, Part I

“..but there have got to be better ways to address it than chili recipes”

Special Guest: Noir. Director and TMdC Null-Sec correspondent Lioso Cadelanne

Poll Results: CCP Falcon vindicated

EVE News:

  • Black Mark Awards recap
  • Sleeper AI exhibiting new behavior, shenanigans
  • CCP deems “hyperdunking” acceptable
  • The Mittani rallies CFC forces to raise money for cancer treatment 
  • Lioso gives a brief recap of recent nullsec happenings

Contract Wrap Up: 

  • New Eden Grand Prix (video)
  • Suddenly Spaceships and Cynosural Field Theory. drop Easily Excited after interference in a tower takedown contract

This Week in Mercs:

  • Gevlin Goblin parts ways with The Marmite Collective but not before taking one of their best corps (entry-level drama) (pastebin)
  • Noir. leaves Suddenly Spaceships to form new merc alliance

CSM Corner: CSM Winter Summit minutes released in record time leaving some to ask ‘where’s the beef?’

Tom Misch & Carmody – So Close (Wild Culture Remix)

Our break was longer than expected but we’re glad to be back. Thanks for hopefully bearing with us for another year.

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3 thoughts on “DoW 90: Vegan Minutes, Part I

  1. For next month can you explain the differences with examples the impact of the projectile changes? Specifically the situations where you are more likely to use faction ammo over barrage.

    • There’s probably not enough meat there to make a whole Masterclass segment out of it (these changes really are along the lines of tweaks) but it will probably be mentioned in any Tiamat coverage we do.

      T2 ACs usually fall under one of two patterns of use: either a) long-range with Barrage or b) short-range with one of the big three (EMP, Fusion, PP; it’s worth noting that outside of T.Sabot for the odd ‘I need tracking’ situation, almost no other ammo types are regularly used). So the ‘short’ answer is that while Barrage is great for making autocannons effective at long ranges, it doesn’t provide enough disincentive at close ranges to make short-range ammo really necessary. So you’re in situations where a short-range ammo might have a higher damage potential but the cost of giving up the huge range and comparatively decent damage output of Barrage just isn’t worth it. This is mostly because these patterns of use are directly tied to the types of ships that use them, namely Minmatar. Mostly fast, kiting, shield buffered ships that rely on ACs for primary weapons; so it should be no surprise that maximizing the effective range of your weapons is of high importance. In terms of choices, increasing the falloff of higher damage ammo types will generally increase their use, I think that’s safe to say. The decisions will most likely come in the ranges of 6-15km, ranges where Barrage is almost always ideal but only because it has the falloff to regularly hit at those ranges. We’ll have to see how the stats pan out in actuality but hopefully the trend of defaulting to Barrage outside of 5-10km range is somewhat lessened.

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