DoW 72: Dolanmite

CCP Dolanmite

“Do you think it’d be a good idea for me to get shot by a number of paintballs equal to the votes we got last year?”

Poll Results: Who Deserved a Ban from the Bonus Round? (science!!!)

News: The southern map resets to pre-Halloween war boundaries, Brave Newbies suffers from leadership drama, and tensions rise in the north with CFC vs. TRI/BL/Mordus

Contract Wrap Up: Noir. tests some new doctrine ideas, including Artillery Cynabals and Tempest Fleet Issues

This Week in Mercs: The Marmite Collective decs Rote Kapelle over Jesters Trek blog

CSM Corner: CCP Dolan joins us to talk summit minutes, CSM8’s performance, and the ongoing CSM9 elections

Masterclass: Lowsec Aggro Mechanics


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5 thoughts on “DoW 72: Dolanmite

  1. Great interview. Dolan played a lot of the more difficult deliveries with a straight bat, which is admirable and as a result came across as very honest and well meaning. He’s got a job which I frankly don’t envy; The Eve community are very vocal and agressive and he does a great job of being the filter between them and CCP. Was great having two different elected CSM members leading the interview as it gives a perspective that no-one else could have given.

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