CSM9: “The Bonus Rant”

Feat. DNSBLACK, Ali Aras, Alekseyev Karrde

“Let’s go toe to toe”



-Restraint, responsibility, and activism on the CSM


Declarations of War/Noir. Ballot

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8 thoughts on “CSM9: “The Bonus Rant”

  1. I respect that DNSBlack is passionate about the game. However, his style of communication has no place on the CSM in my opinion. He seems to be totally driven by emotion, goes off on rants and constant tangents without letting the other side get a word in. I don’t really see how he could be a productive CSM member.

  2. Nice troll. I think it had the opposite effect on me though. After hearing DNS pour his heart out I have a great deal more respect for him now. He could use a tad more self control, but I think I agree with most every point he made.

  3. DNS Black just ranted his way off my ballott, not because of his views or position but because of communication style & attitude. Having said that, this was an amusing podcast.

  4. Although DNS passion is respectable, regardless of his opinion in the matter, I would argue that the CSM needs members that can have a passionate discussion without the need for a mute button. Reverting to insults and screaming isn’t helpfull to anyonee.

    So that one more to scratch of the ballot.

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