DoW 58 “Suddenly Fozzie”

“It’s some kind of clever mind-fu Jedi trick”

-Noted EVE blogger Seismic Stan (Freebooted, Gameskinny) joins us for a really lively evening of shenanigans

suddenly fozzie

-And literally at the last minute CCP Fozzie joins us for the poll discussion to take Alek and Turtle to task on the recent changes to links and foreshadowing some changes to come

-Podbanter: After a short interview with Stan he brings in the topic of ethics in EVE journalism for a roundtable discussion covering the integrity of content, what’s the line when driving traffic to your site, the role of the metagame, Poetic Stanziel, The, Reddit and more.

-Stan channels his inner Bob Barker and tests the hosts on EVE history of the obscurest sort

-EVE News: TEST/RZR/Unthinkable/BL/pretty much everyone deploys to Curse and Ali doesn’t appreciate it, TRIBE disbands but might reform?, CCP Soundwave and CCP Zulu leave New Eden for Summoners Rift

-Noir. campaign update: Catch

-This Week In Mercs: Part of Whores in Space splits into a new merc alliance, The Devils Warriors relisted amidst controversy, Noir. Mercenary Group gets spotlighted on TMC

-CSM Update: ToS changes discussed, CSM involvement on the issue likely not over

-Dramatic Reading: “Interested in Joining Noir. Academy” (feat. 2 tldr’s nearly as long as the mail itself)

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4 thoughts on “DoW 58 “Suddenly Fozzie”

  1. I’m still listening but very surprised how light touch you are on the mittens news site debate.

    They knowingly broke the Reddit TOS – to which you make no reference – and if rumours are to be believed, incentivised this TOS breaking activity. Withholding article payments from people that refused to engage? Also not referred to at all, despite having an editor from the site on the podcast.

    It isn’t as massive a deal as people make out, but does it not strike you as deeply cynical, totally financially motivated, and falls way outside the lines of ‘Producing good Eve articles people want to read’. Which they do, making the spam totally unncessary.

    Reddit is not there to help TMC and its owners line their pockets. Do you regret tacitly approving of this behaviour?

  2. “Withholding article payments from people that refused to engage?”

    Not referred to because that wasn’t happening. There was no reward for upvoting on Reddit and no one I know of was penalized for not upvoting on reddit. I mean hell, I barely bothered with it at all and only upvoted articles I personally read and liked when I did; paid in full and on time like clockwork.

    Like I said on the cast, if it’s against their TOS hey: their site their rules. All I’m saying is encouraging your network to promote your work or your site doesn’t sound like abnormal behaviour to me.

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