DoW 57 feat. CSM Summit Breakdown

“Several lines of non-productive discussion followed”

-Poll Discussion: Sentry Drone Meta

-EVE News: TEST/Tribal relocate to Curse, -A- begins reconquest of Catch, Delve/Querious coalition war shaping up to be explosive

-Contract Wrap Up: Noir. makes a brief return to the Heath Wreath

-This Week In Mercs: Devils Warriors delisted for recruiting a banned corp, Declarations of War featured by CCP Community team (wooo!)

-CSM Coverage: Fresh off the plane, Ali Aras gets grilled by Alek+Turtle on CSM8’s first Iceland summit

-Masterclass: Command ships and Leadership links


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4 thoughts on “DoW 57 feat. CSM Summit Breakdown

  1. Been thinking of starting a WH noobs podcast. You guys have inspired me to attempt to match your quality, though it will be a long time to compare. Also, a few casts ago you did mention the need or the oddity of a Logistics only merc corp, I was unable to locate anyone doing the same and my corp and directors think that this would be a service people would pay for. Mail me if you have any ideas or are willing to assist in guiding a corp looking to enter the merc field.

  2. I dont know if the logistics merc corp as they were doing it would work as well in the days of Suspect Flag neutral repping but I’d really love someone to update it and give it a try. WTB logistics specialist corp in my own alliance haha

    Main things when starting out are be passionate, have a vision, have high standards, and make your clients happy. Everyone starts somewhere, usually freebie contracts, but if you keep working at it, treat people right, and dont give up easy you’ll go far.

  3. I recently realized the dead space Strap-On has been turned into a full on wet noddle.

    Listen CCP needs to realize two women in long time space confinement have needs and those needs can only be met by an overpowered strap-on.

    By removing the vibro feature they have removed the clitoral stimulation needed for those waves of pleasure mainly achieved or found at Zor’s Pleasure Palace.

    Additionally, the Deep Space Vibro sales are way off in the Jita Leather Bar as well. Generally the band of Unic Gay Pirates who like to gate camp the undock like to take breaks in the bar releasing some pent up tension – if you know what I mean (arrrr)

    Lastly replacing the leather belt with spandex while a great cost saving measure truly creates a problem of stability for the platform.

    Well thanks for reading and I hope CCP takes notice.

    Feel free to copy and paste with all your friends.

    Panda Pompador

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