DoW 114: The Horde Master

“For some reason I immediately assumed the sex tape would be with CCP Manifest.”


-Nidia Masters returns after +100 episodes and is joined by FC, AT commentator, writer, and former CSM candidate Apothne to guest host this episode.

-Interview with Apothne covering his start in EVE, participating in the Alliance Tournament broadcast, and recent CSM campaign

-Nidia and Alek reminisce about the time Nidia led a hostile takeover of Noir.

-Poll Results: Where do you get your EVE news?

-Saranen takes center stage in World War Bee with a week of massive battles

-Panel discusses the value of Citadels as a staging platform and carriers as the new meta

-Apothne lifts the curtain on his nearly successful CSM campaign and the surprising dynamics of CSM XI

-PVP highlights from the past two weeks

Ending: Travis Counts a Crow

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2 thoughts on “DoW 114: The Horde Master

  1. I usually like the podcast. But I had to stop listening after an hour. For an analysis show that you said you are, this one was a poor showing. I like to hear unbiased analysis. They make for the best podcasts on both sides of the war. It was pretty clear that was not happening in this one so I had to turn it off. Hopefully your analysis steps up next time.

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