CSM XI Round Table 2

“Sometimes a little conflict is a good thing”

A discussion of the role of the CSM hosted by Alekseyev Karrde and Seleene


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2 thoughts on “CSM XI Round Table 2

  1. Thanks for hosting these panels, but I think that your approach last year was better. This time I felt like you were covering the same broad question approach as CSM Watch, just in a panel setting. Last year the panels were focused on a topic, which I think really brought out more depth in the candidates. I hope you’re still looking to get something like that together – like a panel of candidates weighing in on the state of sov warfare, or their view on new ships, ship balancing, and how CSM should be involved in there. Imagine that latter topic with Apothne, Mr Hyde, Gorski, and some other candidates who claim ship/doctrine expertise.

    • Thanks for the feedback Jakob.

      With the controversy around the CSM and serious questions about whether it would continue, I felt it was a little tone deaf to ignore all that and talk about game development issues.

      Fingers crossed CSM XI gets things back on track and goes back to business as usual instead of an existential crisis.

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