204: Goodfellas feat. CCP Goodfella and CCP Dopamine

That’s a good question…


-CCP Goodfella and CCP Dopamine (EVE’s Brand Director and Senior Community Manager respectively) join the show for a wide ranging interview

-The challenges and opportunities of marketing the EVE brand: what’s working and what isn’t?

-The evolution of CCP’s community team

-The development of the EVE streaming community and it’s impact on EVE growth

-Discussion on the relative accessibility of EVE to the casual observer and potential player

-How has COVID-19 affected life at CCP?


-Releasing big patches during a massive EVE conflict and the role of server performance in tipping the outcome of high profile fights

-The Scope and Pulse

-The impact of EVE Echoes on EVE proper

-EVE Tournaments

-Plus: Host highlights and our first Golden Elite supporter (Oh hi Mark!)

CSM15 Candidate Roundtable 1

Download Link

-The all M edition featuring Meredith en Thielles, Mike Azariah, and Murray Rothbardo

-Topics: Not-New-Player Retention, the CSM and EVE’s storyline, and Logistics balance

DoW 94- Sweet Sugar, Save Me

“If you smellllll….”

Special guest Sugar Kyle joins Aleks and Thaddeus Drake

Poll Results: How do you feel about CSM X?

-EVE News
CFC rebrands as The Imperium
– LAWN and EXE relocate
– FA and PBLRD close down
– Provi Invasion? Maximilian Singularity VI wills it
HERO Moves to Fountain
NC First Strike into Provi? Reddit rumors as defensive SBU fall

-NoNotBelieving Update
Providence is getting wrecked
Noir. Academy returning home from HERO
Alek’s Golem story

-This Week in Mercs
Pandemic Horde

-CSM Corner
Logogate X, where X equals the limit as X approaches zero of 1/X

Ending Music- Tender Sugar (Empire Mix)