229: Rattati Redux

“Devs replying to you on Reddit isn’t a God given right either.”

-CCP Swift and CCP Rattati join the show for an in-depth, no holds barred interview

-Scarcity, the Age of Prosperity, their rollouts/marketing, and what the data is telling CCP now

-Gaining and maintaining player trust

-NFTs, blockchain, and how emerging tech trends relate to EVE’s future

-The Doctor Who event: who licensed who, what resources went into it, what CCP’s learning from it, and the wholesome reason behind it all

-Hot topics for 2022 including (but not limited to): structures, FW, untapped PVE experiences, approach to ship balancing, and CCP’s current thinking on priorities and prioritization

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Has this interview changed how you see CCP Rattati?
  • Yes, I see him less favorably now 47%, 139 votes
    139 votes 47%
    139 votes - 47% of all votes
  • Yes, I see him more favorably now 27%, 79 votes
    79 votes 27%
    79 votes - 27% of all votes
  • No, pretty much the same 27%, 79 votes
    79 votes 27%
    79 votes - 27% of all votes
Total Votes: 297
January 18, 2022 - January 31, 2022
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11 thoughts on “229: Rattati Redux

  1. I had to stop listening to this podcast at 12:30 when swift went on the third tangent in a row to avoid talking about how industry for battleships and up is still fucked. I am too old to give a flying fuck about marketing-new-speak.
    Zero confidence in Rattati, greatly reduced respect for ccp swift

    • Stopped 12 minutes in? At least listen to the whole conversation before you make yourself look ignorant. They briefly touch on BS industry in reference to the decoupling of the cap market. That being said, most things in the market are up and BS prices seem consistent with the inflation trend.

      Passing judgement on people after only listening to less than 10% of what they had to say is just pitiful.

  2. Partway through and no mention of the elephant in the room; cap prices and indy being in a bad spot. Not the best interview, can’t leave important topics off the table, need to be challenging CCP.

    Swing and a miss ;(

    • Keep listening, we spend at least 30 minutes on industry including cap prices, cap PVE, and cap PVP power relative to their price.

      • Listened to the whole thing… You didn’t challenge on when caps will be coming down in price, nor what is being done to try to spark cap product indy again. There was a mention of buffing battleships to justify their, now high, industry cost, but didn’t follow up to ask when caps/supers/titans will be buffed to justify their cost or the cost to produce them made a bit more sane. Crazy to make them the palatine keepstars of ships.

        So many times you let them off the hook and didn’t probe.

  3. Quite impressed with the interview! Gonna start listening to more of these podcasts.

    Really interesting insights from Rattati here.

  4. About 1 hr in there’s talk about a recent event site, think it was a Null Sec Hacking site, that had a mine field in it which required players to manually navigate their ship through it in order to get to the loot can. The discussion made it seem like this was something new.

    The Level 3 Guristas Epic Arc has a mission that’s similar with a mine field around an acceleration gate. The player has to manually navigate through the mine field in order to access the gate which leads to the final room for the mission objective.

    It was a very cool mission, definitely different and fun to complete. Out of all the missions in that Epic Arc, that mission is the main thing I remember. Whether in event, exploration or mission sites, it would be cool to have more like that.

  5. Appreciate Devs coming out and taking the questions.

    Rattati comes off as dismissive and somewhat arrogant in his response to the hard questions. His answers were oversimplified and again seem dismissive. Maybe it’s his personality, but coming from someone who this is first time actually hearing from him. This was not a conversation that made me feel more confident about the leadership and direction of the team.

  6. Overall it was a great interview. It’s funny the other day I was just thinking why doesn’t EVE do more piloting mazes or create special hollowed out asteroids that you can’t target unless you are inside with them. Glad to see I’m not the only one who wants to see more in the environment. Loved the Dr Who event lots of Fun and a reminder you can have a shit ton of fun with breaking the bank or even better making bank, that evebt was super profitable for me. Re industry, I thought I heard them say something about making planetary industry more profitable. I hope that means they’re going to do something about the ridiculous tax situation at POCOs with exploitable planets laying dormant because the taxes are stupid High. But it wouldn’t be EVE if we didn’t bitch.
    I see a lot of people complaining like oh no it’s the end…and frankly as someone who came back to the game after leaving it due to boredom, that all the changes they’ve made in the past few years make for a much more exciting and very game than it ever was. (,bring DUST back though) The only thing that hasn’t changed is the hand-wringing and bitching by people who just want easy targets and he think that PVP is the be-all and end-all of EVE and everything else is carebearville. Sure some things suck, in a game as sprawling ad Eve no one is going to be happy all the time especially if your pet thing gets a Nerf bat or gets changed , but that is the reality of games.

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