207: Massacre

“Ohhhh my god it’s happening!”

-Update on our recent highsec contracts: Bhaalgorn Brawl AAR!

-Black Mark Award nominations revealed!

-The Massacre of M2-XFE: the devastating (in more ways than one) conclusion to EVE’s most biggest battle yet

-Bonus footage: Artimus’ ESS fight


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One thought on “207: Massacre

  1. Couple misconceptions on the m2- fight. PAPI had a fortizar on grid they could have trickled in on tether, they chose to cyno in on top of the keepstar opposite of their fortizar directly into a fighter bomber blob. Goons knew where their cyno position was because they warped their cyno ships in uncloaked. Secondly Imperium is not grossly outnumbered in Titans, on the 2nd timer they had around 1000 titans. 800 or so on grid with Initiative and Red Alliance at over 220 titans in 1dq ready to cyno in.

    If you know who participated in a fight it is quite easy to know where they are using locator agents, so it is north of 300 titans not including supers and other capitals on that grid below the keepstar. On the 2nd grid above the keepstar only PAPI k ows.

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