DoW 103: Seagull-brand GPS

“Respect the ‘Cane”

-Poll Results: We never talked about this but science proved that no one cares about Empress Jamyl getting knocked off in the RP storyline.

-EVE News:

  • Dev Blogs: Revisions to Citadels, CCP Seagull’s Roadmap reminder, Battlecruiser Rebalance
  • Placid shows potential for big conflict

-Contract Wrap-up: Period Basis

Ending Music- Depeche Mode- Enjoy the Silence (Ean Golden Remix)

DoW 102: One Step Forward, Two Steps Back

“It’s a religious thing.

Poll Results: Why we’re so bad at polls

Death of Empress Jamyl: A brave new world for PVE content

Phoebe and Aegis (sh)iterations: Back-peddles engage

Ending Music: TMABird- Everybody’s Circulation