DoW 103: Seagull-brand GPS

“Respect the ‘Cane”

-Poll Results: We never talked about this but science proved that no one cares about Empress Jamyl getting knocked off in the RP storyline.

-EVE News:

  • Dev Blogs: Revisions to Citadels, CCP Seagull’s Roadmap reminder, Battlecruiser Rebalance
  • Placid shows potential for big conflict

-Contract Wrap-up: Period Basis

Ending Music- Depeche Mode- Enjoy the Silence (Ean Golden Remix)

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4 thoughts on “DoW 103: Seagull-brand GPS

  1. Come on guys, learn to English FFS. Science has PROVEN, not PROVED. Its always disappointing to me that so many podcasters can’t even speak their own language with a level of competence. If I hear you guys say “risk adverse” like so many others, then I’m just going to give up on you.

  2. Is it possible to download?

    When I click download, it just opens a player, the exact same player as when I click ” Play in new window”.

    I like to listen to podcasts when I go walking, and using data for podcasts is not practical on my plan.

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