DoW Episode 36

Noir. veteran FC Laeveteinn joins Aleks, Turtle and Cass for another installment of Declarations of War. Thanks for listening!

-Amazing new FC + Fleet Concept site launches
-Noir. recovers sec from Ouelletta, takes first assassination contract to lose it again
-Ghost Army leaves merc life for FW, Clann Fiann joins Transmission Lost but still taking contracts
-Shake ups in NC. leadership and the role TZ warfare is playing in the northern conflict
-Red Overlord failcascades while AAA loses their first station in Catch, SoCo not looking good
-PLEX Prices Spike: Causes and Consequences
-CCP Sreegs holding alliances accountable for botting
-Retribution released
-Bounties and the CSM Stakeholder Project
-Noir. History: Joining Trinity Nova Alliance

DoW Episode 35 – A Mercenary’s History

Crack out the history books, because it’s time for a lesson. In our biggest interview to date, Mercenary Coalition founder Seleene joins us  to take a look back at one of the most infamous mercenary alliances in New Eden. You can also find an amazing look back at some of EVE’s best videos with a film tour curated by the man himself, here:

Thanks for listening, see you next episode!