175: On the Move

“I can endorse Mike Azariah.”


CSM Elections are underway! The gang talks candidates and controversy

-Major battles in null an lowsec from Tribute to Placid, Delve to Detorid

-Skill Urself disbands, casting the Drone Regions into disarray. Who will fill the void?

-Triglavians invade! Artimus breaks down what we know about this new content while Alek and Laeve dissect the new Trig ships

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One thought on “175: On the Move

  1. What a shame – Alec on his knees for Olmeca. Her interview highlighted many flaws in her campaign. I personally find her platform to be entirely self serving. I can’t be any more disappointed. Like I can give you the benefit that she’s unique or whatever or find what she does to be difficult. But holding 100s of clients safe logged in a region with the sole purpose of stealing excavators only to sell them back under The whole argument that is “null should be dangerous”. While that’s a position that a bitter vet could self justify, its the people who populate the huge swaths of space that make the space safe. Human nature encourages the active development of the mega coalitions to form these large organizations that all work towards a common goal.

    What. A. Shame.

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