“The Lost Interview”- Arydanika visits Declarations of War

Arydanika, host of Voices from the Void, joins the Declarations of War cast for an interview so sultry you’d think she was narrating a Disney World ride (if you listen, you’ll get that joke later).

This segment was supposed to be part of Episode 30, which was lost some time ago due to RL circumstances. When I FINALLY got my hands on the raw sound file last night, I also had the pleasure of finding that it was partially corrupted. Since the news was pretty outdated anyways, we decided to bring you just the interview portion and have Dani back for a more timely release in the future. Word on the street is Aleks just recently warmed the guest chair at Voices from the Void; I’m a little jealous.

Thanks for the understanding and we hope you enjoy the interview. We apologize to both our listeners and Arydanika, as it was a great episode and a shame to loose it the way we did.