265: Corruption

“You darn spoilsports”

-Enthusiasm for the Havoc patch continues to build as Zeero and Alek detail the latest on the Corruption/Suppression system effects and plex testing

-CSM: Zarzakh GatesGate (some key responses here and here)

-Noir. Contract Update: The Defense of Oicx

-EWBF celebrates Shrinkwrapped 250!

-Bounty Hunting begins to flourish thanks to the Oz Tank

-Zeero reviews the Empires of Eve Vol 2 audiobook (now available on Audible)

264: Into the Grey feat. Greygal, Nightflyer, Nora Maldoran, and Jin’taan

“This is a very wholesome show!!!”

-Alek and Zeero are joined by a star studded cast of FanFest attendees to get a taste of the live experience and re-review Havoc’s features now that we have more detail and perspective

-Head of the EVE Events Volunteers Greygal!

-Host of Federation Frontline Report and Noir. FC Nightflyer672 Aldent,

-Blogger and Noir. alum Nora Maldoran aka greybill

-Former DoW cohost and AT commentator Jin’taan makes his long awaited return!

-Heartwarming and thrilling highlights from in and out of game

263: Cry Havoc feat. Lucas Ermanelos

Yay, more drone comps!

-Special guest: Lucas Ermanelos, the CEO of [-RUDE] Rapid Unscheduled Disassembly in Kybernauts Clade

-A full breakdown of FanFest announcements including Vanguard, the Havoc expansion, new ships, and the new CSM

-Lucas’ Path to Pochven and a discussion of the current Poch PVP meta.

Triumvirate triumphant in the South East!

-Plus some can’t miss host highlights involving Zarzakh field trips and hot T1 frigate vs battleship action

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262: SEA Trials

“They’ve switched to Ishtars”

-CSM elections come to a close. What candidates stood out and what kind of CSM will we see this year?

-Contract Update: A C1 WH Astra results in a merc tug of war!

-Triumvirate rises again to challenge the small alliances of the Southeastern Agreement

-BLACKFLAG. finally pushes a nullsec alliance too far as INIT hazes highsec wardecers

-Plus: Zeero reshapes EVE Uni’s campus security and the Pochven meta!

Is Sov Worth It?
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