DoW Episode 51 w/ Ali Aras

Contracts, contests, and a major announcement on this week’s Declarations of War!

-Our special guest Ali Aras goes through her babilienth interview about the CSM elections

-Poll Results: Ship Art Relevance

-Contract Wrap Up: A WH POCO clearing yields a faction fit present, Armor HAC Training for the Valkyrie Coalition

-This Week in Mercs: Somali Coast Guard Boot Camp, The Condemned and Convicted join Noir. Mercenary Group

-EVE News: The DoW team catches you up on the month of May featuring the implosion of the HBC, the explosion of titans, the dissolution of Talocan United, and a fond farewell to Lost in EVE

-CSM Coverage: Odyssey edition

-CONTEST! The best battle report from the EVE Uni, RvB, and Brave Newbies sexy three way wins 2 PLEX! Send your battle reports to Alekseyev Karrde via EVE Mail by June 17th!

-A major announcement about the podcast host line up


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