DoW Episode 48 w/ Jaiden Longshot

“Luckily, I can abuse MY directors because there’s nothing valuable to steal”

-Crew is joined by Jaiden Longshot, the co-CEO of Pink Fluffy Bounty Hunterz and leader of Noir.’s DUST division.
-Poll Discussion: HBC’s future prospects
-Contract Wrap Up: Solitude Armor Training turns up surprising fights and awesome stories
-This Week In Mercs: The Learning Curve joins Noir. Mercenary Group
-News: Obscure shares mechanic used for profitable corporate takeover, possibly record breaking corp/alliance theft, Odyssey feature list and balance changes explored in depth
-CSM Coverage: CCP drops ball on election launch, CSM7 turning that ball sideways and shoving it straight up their development pipe. Will it work? (Future Alek Edit: It did and it didn’t. Election recap next episode!)
-Masterclass: Jaiden talks logistics and tanking in DUST 514

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