DoW 99: Independence Hour

“If anyone would like to donate to get you a new phone, how might they go about that?

-Poll Results: BRAVE vs BL

-EVE News: Fweddit drop Cloud Ring, Ripard vs Reality Part Who-the-fuck-even-knows-anymore: EVE is [still] Dying?

*NOTE: Author of the sanity check article was actually Tarek Raimo. Here’s the original.

-Alliance Update: SWEET VICTORY!!! TRUST rocks the house in the Duality sov competition. Also, Alek reveals who can eat a dick.

-Listener Questions: Sov trolling, viability of small groups in 0.0, WH highways, and more!

-CSM Corner: Brackets, Fleet Warps, and the most effective way to give feedback

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7 thoughts on “DoW 99: Independence Hour

  1. Just finished listening and great podcast.

    On the discussion re: EVE dying – I’m a returning player coming back to the game after 2yrs away. Call it anecdotal, call it an opinion, but EVE feels more ‘alive’ now than it did when I left back in 2013. My podcast feed is full, I run out of time to read or the blogs out there and in terms of in game activity there just seems to be much more going on. All this coming from an AUTZ player in a traditionally ‘dead’ timezone. I wouldn’t have resubbed to a game I thought was dead.

    Maybe I’m being blinkered in taking the numbers with a huge grain of salt, but as was pointed out numbers/graphs can be manipulated to support an argument. As they say there’s lies, damned lies and then statistics.

    • Thanks!
      That’s good to hear; EVE’s AU timezone presence has been growing considerably in the last several years, I’m glad you felt it a good environment to return to.

  2. As a WH resident, we’ve certainly caught PL moving massive fleets through WHs and there’s not a whole lot you can do about it. WTF are you going to do against 300 T3s?

    • I guess the real question is what should you be able to do about it outside of the mechanics that already exist for stopping fleets in non-Concord space. The ability to move that volume of ships through wormholes has always existed to some degree, it just hasn’t been a more viable option until the introduction of jump fatigue and jump drive nerfs. In my opinion, using them in this way is utilizing one of their primary purposes: the ability to move larger distances in shorter amounts of time but in somewhat unpredictable conditions (i.e. you can never plan on a specific route).

  3. First time listener, but good Lord is it great to see people being reasonable about the game and it’s current state.

  4. Re: Accounts per Player, consider this from CSM Winter 2012 Summit Minutes (pg 110)
    UAxDEATH suggested a tangible benefit for players with multiple accounts would be discounts on subscription costs. He mentioned that at one time he had 90 accounts, but since becoming a CSM he has cut back to only 37, and asked “what would inspire me to [reactivate] those accounts?”

    Firstly the obvious part is how anyone can play with 90 accounts without serious botting, but let’s put that aside.

    Secondly (and more to this podcast) as you guys noted this is not where CCP wants Eve to go. And how many people were even a little like UAxDeath and are cutting down from some huge number of accounts to something more reasonable like 1-3 accounts. That sounds more like an Eve we’re all going to enjoy – but it’s also a serious drop in player counts.

    How CCP rebalances that to keep their own income moving is another topic, of course.

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