DoW 88: Freeport Emma Watson

“Five and a convo.”

Special Guest: Thaddeus Drake, PVP director for Noir.’s most recent contract target Violent Declaration

-Thaddeus talks about his rise from new player to CEO and FC of a young alliance

Poll Results: Was Phoebe a success?

EVE News:

Contract Wrap Up: Sukanen Slobberknocker, feat. Thaddeus giving the target’s perspective of the campaign

Major announcement of the New Eden Grand Prix, Jan. 17th at 18:00 

CSM Corner:

  • Rhea patch rundown
  • CCP Greyscale now just regular Greyscale
  • Industry Teams removed in a rare, possibly first time, feature removal
  • CSM X campaign madness begins
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One thought on “DoW 88: Freeport Emma Watson

  1. Happy Holidays DoW crew,

    This was one of your best podcasts recently – perhaps of the year. Being able to get both sides of the fight on the ‘cast to talk through the confrontation was great to listen to, and is a perfect fit for the feel of this podcasts. I hope you can do more of this.
    Happy hunting in 2015!


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