DoW 82: Super Team


Feat. the behind the scenes on MAJOR developments on Noir., NA., and the merc industry in general.

-Contract Wrap Up: ATXII and the handful of people that were way too optimistic about our chances

-EVE News: HERO vs Provi (EVE Bet Revenent event was the day after this so we’ll talk about it next show)

This Week In Mercs: MAJOR announcements about Noir. and Noir. Academy, also Marmite dec’d NMG. again with nothing to show for it

CSM Corner: Townhalls and summits coming up!

Ending Song: Botinka Ra – Lewy

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One thought on “DoW 82: Super Team

  1. Congratulations for NA. joining Of Sound Mind, and welcome to Catch ! You’ll have plenty of opportunities to fight, test tactics and FCing, with less pressure and more fun per hour 🙂

    I also hope Suddenly Noir will become the great mercenary force that is needed to shake up the Null Sec stalemate.

    Have fun, all

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