DoW 80: High as a Seagull

“We are small, bad at the game, and awful at the alliance tournament.”

Poll: How will Crius affect your relationship with industry?

EVE News: Crius was released and we all survived, CCP Seagull named the new EP, Endie Posts the best player-made sov design

Contract Wrap Up: Tourny match days and times announced, Noir.’s team profiled by ISD

This Week In Mercs: GSE hires all the empire mercs to take on RVB, Suddenly Spaceships does a flawless job as Es and Whiz’s enforcer

CSM Corner: WH changes! Big ones too.

Music: Dubstep Dedodated Wam (stay blazed my young friend)

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5 thoughts on “DoW 80: High as a Seagull

  1. Thanks for the discussion on my ideas, good to hear discussion of the pros and cons.

    One detail: I certainly don’t propose orbitting a point to win a timer. One idea I had was that the attackers would win the timer by bringing in a large, specialised ship-type that had to siege for x minutes to take the timer, and which could not receive reps in siege.

    The HPs would be such that say 30 high DPS ships could realistically kill it, so the attackers have to beat the defenders first before brining in the sov-takerm ensuring fights.

  2. Cost of industry is not felt on small items. If you build freighters or capitals the cost is felt. Luckily mineral prices have dropped significantly softening the blow to consumers. Archon Me 9 to 10 costs 0.5B and takes 140 days to complete in a POS. The install costs for a Fenrir build are 15m for the components and 25m for the hull. This equates to 10-20% of the profit. Minerals prices have reduced the build cost by 100m since Crius release allowing more profit at the same price. Still calculating the cost on all the production lines.

  3. I’m not a huge fan of the mass/distance changes for w-space. It definitely rewards the remaining really large corps and hurts the mid-size to small corps. I also think it reduces content, as rage rolling is often how we find PvP, and guys are going to be much more reluctant to put their Moros through the hole.

    I’d rather see nullsec/w-space made more dynamic. Perhaps a mechanic where you don’t show up on local for a period of time if you enter a system via wormhole. Right now as soon as local spikes at all, everyone POS’s up and its impossible to get a drop on someone. To counter this, there could be a new item you could anchor outside the holes to give you immediate notification, and it would reward actively probing (using) your null system.

    • yeah people are pretty risk averse but if you’re blowing up local before you at the very least know where something is (let along actually have something tackled) you’re not doing it right

  4. Personally I like the new industry UI.. It makes it easier to conceptualize a job as far as what is needed and what’s left. The only PITA as far as the new industry changes is it’s actually harder to calculate prices as well as some material changes for T2 production will actually cause a price increase until things level out.. 🙂 Keep up the awesome podcast!


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