DoW 53 w/ Kesper North and Sala Cameron

CSM8 Secretary Kesper North and PL-FC-turned-CSM8 Sala Cameron join us for an episode that covers the TEST/CFC War, alliance disbands, contracts, the alliance tournament, and more!

Poll Discussion: How Does the Fountain War End?

-Black Legion hired by Goonswarm, what happened and what does it mean for the war?

-Nulli’s renter alliances disbanded, massive sov loss across the south

-The cast engages in a discussion of corp shares, their current mechanics, potential, and some common sense fixes

Contract Discussion: Okkamon and Noir.’s subsequent sec status rehabilitation

This Week In Mercs: Mercs in ATXI, Surely You’re Joking cleans up during a major WH contract

Alliance Tournament Discussion: Impact of Odyssey and Retribution balancing, Single elimination format, Providence communities approach to the tourny, Team and first round match highlights

CSM Update: The CSM helps with Ali’s personal growth, Sala Cameron mini interview including his role in the Battle of Asakai, Ali’s comprehensive list of everything the CSM’s working on ironically criticized for lack of transparency, Hauler rebalance, Poetic Stanziel: “Not relevant and needs to step his game up”

-Pink fluffy unicorns have been spotted dancing on rainbows

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3 thoughts on “DoW 53 w/ Kesper North and Sala Cameron

  1. Hey guys, great podcast. As a complete beginner in the Eve universe, listening to you guys talk about politics, game mechanics etc. and other things that from what I can tell is beyond a rookie or even an intermediate player brings a level of depth and immersion to my time spent in Eve that is very, very enjoyable.

    Keep it up (and wish me luck!) 😉

    Kris Veanovius

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