DoW 119: The Zkill Guide to Declarations of War

“Have you done the Talos yet?”

-Feat. special guest Rhiload, creator of the Zkill Ship Guides and purveyor of dank memes

-Link changes incoming! The day before the dev blog we go over the changes to leadership boosts discussed on the o7 show

-Command ships on field, what to expect!

-SH1-6P becomes a titan graveyard

-Clash of the Cohosts: Alek and Jin square off over the “Open Letter to CCP”

-Rhiload muses about putting out two guides in a week and what ship to do next

-Alek give a play by play of Theomachy, the best EVE Online live event ever

Ending:  Ren’ai Circulation (NOSLO Remix)

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4 thoughts on “DoW 119: The Zkill Guide to Declarations of War

  1. Don’t remove local. Give control of local to the sov holding entity. For example, you could allow sov-holders to see everyone in local and deny interlopers the same. Holding sov then has real meaning. Advantage defenders as it should be. Invaders should have to bring a strong scanning skill set to catch targets. They shouldn’t have the same advantage as the sov-holders by knowing who and how many are in system.

  2. On the Dominion vs Fozzie Sov subject…

    It feels like we’re coasting back to Dominion Sov Grind on steroids. When all the KeepStars, Fortizars, and Astrhaus are laid down we’re left with a structure grind far beyond tower Sov or TCU Sov. I suspect CCP is waiting to reveal another mechanic. It will look like a very vulnerable yet powerful ship that multiplies the effects of a fleet of Titans to “Death Star” a citadel.

  3. Listening to this it sounds like people are expecting moon mining to be an addon (like a new rig?) to Citadels, but my understanding is that there will be entirely separate deployable structures that will do the mining. So if you put a Citadel down on a moon you will be preventing anyone including yourself from mining it. I believe to mine a moon you will need to deploy a moon mining structure that will probably be like a Citadel in terms of coding but much weaker since it’s not, you know, a Citadel (synonyms ). So it will continue to be hard to force people out of their fortifications but not terribly hard to destroy their cash generators in the same system.

    PS. Passive regen of entosis nodes should totally not happen when attackers are contesting. It might not be terrible if an entosis link gave a small bonus to sensor strength too.

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