245: The Cal/Gal Summit feat. Henrik Suzaku and Nyx Aeon

Whoever loses, we all win

-Senior leaders of the Caldari and Gallente militia showdown on the eve of the Uprising patch

-The boring stuff out of the way: Which new ships do the militias have their eyes on to have the biggest impact on FW fleets

-The Spice Must Flow: Infighting and toxicity in the miltias, who’s to blame? Does Gallente Militia have a relationship with SNUFF and if so what is it? Why does Caldari Militia win fights but lose systems? Can these two eternal enemies coexist?

-Looking ahead to patch day, which side will come out on top? Nyx and Henrik make their case

Should FW militias team up against outside threats?

244: Partisanship

Missed the dev blog by like 2 days

-Network knocked out of the feeder rounds of the AT. The shame!

-Alek and Laeve review the latest reveals and rumors coming out of EVE Vegas

-Contract Update: Noir. joins Gallente Militia

Pick a side, we're at war!
  • Caldari 56%, 5 votes
    5 votes 56%
    5 votes - 56% of all votes
  • Gallente 44%, 4 votes
    4 votes 44%
    4 votes - 44% of all votes
Total Votes: 9
October 27, 2022 - November 6, 2022
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Apex Wormhole Brawling: Deeper Dives #1

Murray Rothbardo and Alekseyev Karrde feat. Mick Fightmaster and Cyrus Kurush

243: Fiver

“We ran the numbers.”

-Alek and Laeve break down the new Navy exploration frigates and battlecruisers

-Fraternity.’s permabanned-but-still-playing alliance exec gets scammed for 100b trying to take the easy way out vs BRAVE

-Contract Update: Athanors and Raitarus in Great Wildlands

Which new Navy BC are you most excited to try?
  • Cyclone 45%, 5 votes
    5 votes 45%
    5 votes - 45% of all votes
  • Myrmidon 27%, 3 votes
    3 votes 27%
    3 votes - 27% of all votes
  • Prophecy 18%, 2 votes
    2 votes 18%
    2 votes - 18% of all votes
  • Ferox 9%, 1 vote
    1 vote 9%
    1 vote - 9% of all votes
Total Votes: 11
September 18, 2022 - September 26, 2022
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