237: CSM17 Roundtable #1

Featuring: Brisc Rubal, Pando, Gideon Zendikar, and keacte

-Breaking the ice with BjornBee bromance

-Meet the candidates, their playstles, and their goals if elected

-The Spice Must Flow: Brisc and Gideon’s fiery clash over jump bridges highlights an enduring contrast in philosophy about what’s best for the game

-What does the player reaction and PCU stability to the recent subscription price increase tell our candidates about the players and interacting with CCP’s decision makers?

-What is the greater source of the CSM’s power: Their relationship with players or their relationship with the company?

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2 thoughts on “237: CSM17 Roundtable #1

  1. I’ll be honest, I have always been a Brisc fan, but after he kept over talking and not respecting other guests views and opinions in this episode, he has lost my vote. Not what I’m looking for to represent the Eve population.

  2. I’m sorry to hear that. I guess after listening to these same guys take a giant dump on my playstyle over and over again during this campaign, I lost my patience with it. If that alone, after everything I’ve done over the years, is enough to cost me your vote, so be it.

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