226: The AT Experience

“I believe a ship boundary violated…”

Alek, Andy, and Laeve are joined by Noir. EU director Robert Mason and The Network AT captain Ovyx Tilleren to recount and relive NET’s first and extremely memorable alliance tournament run.

For the <10 perspective including interviews with CCP’s Aurora and Swift, click here!

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2 thoughts on “226: The AT Experience

  1. I always appreciate getting an opportunity to listen to other teams’ perspectives on preparing for and competing in tournaments so thank you for sharing yours!

    From a CALSF pilot’s perspective, that match against your team was certainly a very close and very good fight!

    Finally, what are you looking for in a partner corporation for the next couple months? I may know where to find some content-deprived pilots …

  2. @Stalence sorry for the late reply, just noticed a pending comment in queue!

    Partner corp should be PVP focused with most of their members having some experience. Stable leadership with at least one active FC and a positive, easy going corp culture. Willingness to join us on contract campaigns for fun and profit, all TZs welcome.

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