197: Hoes Over Bros

“80% of our CSM voting WH audience prefers hoes to bros.”

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-World War Chappy aka ChappyFest aka best and most bittersweet birthday party in New Eden History

-Contract Recap: Cloud Ring (we solo’d iHubs y’all!!!)

-Legacy ends NIP with Imperium: IS THIS HAPPENING?!

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2 thoughts on “197: Hoes Over Bros

  1. A comment! Not about the episode it’s posted under! So I was looking through an old NAS and came across a cache of podcasts from back in the good ol’ days (2009 on), (remember Podded Podcast and Bozocast?!) and found earlier episodes than you have cached here – and you know what, even your first episode is pretty damn polished and listenable – well structured, clear audio, good levels and straight into interesting content. Not been able to play in eight years or so, but still listen all these years on. Different world back then. I thought I was going to be really slick by offering all the ones you hadn’t got, but it looks like eps 10 and 11 are there in name only, the others are all good though. Thanks for all the work over the years guys, if it’s of any interest, I’ll leave them up here: http://gofile.me/55VvD/SxEHTjfiF password: blastfromthepast

  2. Corpie just pinged me with this episode. Cheers gents, was a fun set of encounters. Close calls all around. After the first night I realized I had to pay extra attention as I seemed to be of focus. That last warp from the keepstar to 00ty gate was the cherry, landed at 100km with carrier and quick warped back to the keep, while music murdered the tackled that tried to get ahead into 00ty. Hope to see you all on field again o/

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