165: Two Sick Hosts

“I don’t want to imagine how it would feel to lose that many pimped Hawks”


-Day 0 of the Imperium’s eviction of Hard Knocks (so optimistic in hindsight)

-Artimus and Alek detail the concept and testing that went into the recently released Frigate T4 Abyssal Site guide.

-Cloud Ring begins to heat up as lowsec FW and capital dropping powers “take it outside” into 0.0

-Scalding Pass meanwhile is on fire as BSOD clashes with Fraternity and Scourge/Skillu prompt a slow motion collapse of TRI space+membership

-Project Nova pushed back indefinitely. What does this mean?

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One thought on “165: Two Sick Hosts

  1. Definitely curious about running 3 accounts doing those t4s if its as profitable as you say it is…. alot of money to roll into it if I then hate the actual gameplay.

    Is running t4s in a single cruiser not just as profitable?

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