161: 40 Forts to Freedom

“What do you get when you remove the danger and the randomness? Highsec.”


-Peace in our time! GOTG and Fraternity surrender to Imperial Legacy drawing a conclusion, or at least an extended pause, to the northern and southern fronts of EVE’s largest war.

Major balance patch incoming: 500MN HIC changes and controversy, ECM reworked: what’s strong now?, the future of the combat interceptor line

-Artimus has an epic fight in lowsec

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One thought on “161: 40 Forts to Freedom

  1. Welcome back gents – good to hear from you again. Definitely using a Stratios for the Rogue Drones. Salvaging and Hacking make this the optimal ship.

    So, the Feb CSM summit talked about Nullification has No.1 to address. Now No.2 is war-decs (iirc) – HICs will be a storm in a tea-cup compared to the War mechanic. Wonder if we’ll see some burnout from the multi-term members.

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