DoW 112: Full Circle

“VFK by April just doesn’t have the same ring to it”

World War Bee coverage from the front lines!

Ending: RMT Record – Server Downtime Rhapsody 

DoW 107: The Markets

“It couldn’t have been worse than Empyrean Age”

-Alek, Jimer, Seleene, and Fang host with special guest Lockefox of EVE Prosper

-Poll Results: The Fountain War Book

-Alek interviews Lockefox as we take a look at how recent patches have changed the market in EVE and how to get f*ckin rich

-Communities at war: r/eve vs The Imperium

-The hosts take a look back at 2015 and share some of their favorite moments

MC takes a contract to defend former targets Hams United

-The Black Marks are back! Alek breaks down the nominees

-News about the New Eden Grand Prix, fan boying over Jimer’s voice, and much much more!

End Song: MONEY!


DoW 106: The Voice

“Boy, the T3 Dessys are…just….SEXY!”

-DoW Co-founder JIMER LINS makes his long awaited return to the show

-Poll Results: Best Doomsday

-Alekseyev Karrde went to EVE Down Under! All the crazy stories revealed

-The Mittani vs /r/EVE: Kickstarters and controversies

-Big changes coming to logistics, we’ll go over the changes and the impact on the meta

-Contract Wrap Up: Cloud Ring

-Plus much more!

End Song:


DoW 105: Oh the times they are a changin’

“It’s a whole new worllllllld”

Fang returns to the show after a few weeks EVE vacation

Poll Results: Is Ministry of Hydra still the best of the tournament?

CCP Pizza: Usually CCP delivers for us, but for one night it was the other way around

EVE Vegas pt.1: Largest EVE Vegas saw the largest gathering of Noir. bolstered by our MC bros, Noir. balling in limos eating the finest buffets, Alek’s birthday party and why now is the best time to put a spy in MC, plus much more including Alek’s big stage presentation and the content-filled dance party

EVE Vegas pt.2: New carriers, new dreads, new DD’s, FAX machines, skill packets, ship re-balancing, and the potential awesomeness of the Community MJD Destroyer

Contract Roundup: Battlecruisin’ Space Goats