199: And Now The Weather feat. Phantomite and Loroseco Kross

“The intent looks like it’s to make life more difficult and dangerous”

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-CSM winner Phantomite and WH CSM hopeful Loroseco join us for a spirited discussion of the top issues of the day

-Is CSM living up to Phatomite’s expectations?

-CCP announces the detail for a new series of space storms which will be ravaging New Eden in an upcoming release

-The effect of these storms on infrastructure attacks launches a wide ranging discussion on their effects, the health of Citadels and caps generally, Surgical Strike being a good patch or not, and the value of resistance buffs/debuffs

-WWB2 Updates! Noir.’s contract concludes as PanFam takes half of Fountain and Legacy half of Querious. The first Keepstars fall without defense from Imperium, who are counter attacking sov in Querious. When will the heavy shots fall?!

-A series of massive lowsec brawls lead to the destruction of SNUFF’s staging Fortizar, at great cost to the attackers

-Host highlights and more!

Phantomite’s Lantorn video

An analysis of resists in EVE

Storm Dev Blog

198: Soloing

“Boy this show goes fast when you have no cohosts…”

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-The first ever solo edition of DoW as Alek goes it alone

-WWB2 update

-Noir.’s contract and activity in WWB2, including attacking ihubs in Cloud Ring and relentless roaming of Delve

-ProviBloc disbands! The end of an EVE era and a decade long reign of CVA in Providence

-A very special announcement about DoW 200!

First week of the war coverage: https://somethingyoushouldknow.substack.com/

197: Hoes Over Bros

“80% of our CSM voting WH audience prefers hoes to bros.”

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-World War Chappy aka ChappyFest aka best and most bittersweet birthday party in New Eden History

-Contract Recap: Cloud Ring (we solo’d iHubs y’all!!!)

-Legacy ends NIP with Imperium: IS THIS HAPPENING?!

196: Insecurity

“I don’t see this shifting the nullsec meta”

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-CSM15 election results

-Player support for Triglavian invasion turning several highsec systems into lowsec!

-Early analysis of the EDENCOM ships and AoE weapon system

-Recap of Noir.’s recent highsec contract