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Hi friends, I made it back from Fanfest alive and can confirm it was as crazy fun as last year! The convention itself had a completely different feel to it versus last year, most notably the momentum shift in delivering what was typically Saturday’s keynote on Thursday instead. We’ll be talking about it all very soon so I’ll save it for that. Just a quick look at some content we’ll have coming up:

  • A special post-FF podcast with most of our Crossing Zebra friends; once Xander has that put up we’ll be hosting it here as well.
  • I gave a player presentation on Saturday entitled “Meta information in Eve Online” which CCP should be putting on youtube within the week; that will also be relinked here. I will also post the final slide of the presentation as that information was requested.
  • And as usual, we’ll be recording our usual episode next Sunday and will bring you a full recap of all the fun stuff that went down at FF.

Thanks for listening, we’ll see you soon.


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