Episode 29 w/ special guest Chitsa Jason

Hello New Eden!

Turtle here, with fresh episode goodness as well as bits of news from the land of DoW. You might have noticed some downtime/a new front end associated with the temporary DoW home (dow.noirarecloakyfaggots.com) and I can assure you that any rumors you might have heard of me breaking the old subdomain’s SQL database are completely true. Mondays, right. TL;DR, temporary home is back up.

On that note, we realize the past few episodes have been taking longer than expected. Despite the difficulties on our end (let me assure you they exist lol), be assured we here at DoW are still just as concerned with bringing you a fresh, relevant and exciting podcast that’s totally on schedule! We haven’t been all of that lately. Just know that plans are already in motion to help cement our regular schedule and keep episodes flowing out the door. Thanks for sticking with us, good things to come! So as promised, Chitsa Jason is our special guest this episode of Declarations of War.

(Show notes coming soon)

Declarations of War Episode 29

Episode 30 features Arydanika of Voices from the Void, coming asap!

Much love,

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