Alekseyev Karrde

Alekseyev Karrde

Founder of Noir. and the Declarations of War podcast, Alekseyev Karrde is a man of many hats. Co-founder of the Merc Contracts channel, mercenary, diplomat, FC, parody writer, two-time CSM representative, pony and friendship enthusiast; the list goes on. When he’s not kicking people from his corp, Alek is the driving force behind DoW and brings a lot of passion and expertise as the show’s lead host.

Twitter- @grrusso

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5 thoughts on “Alekseyev Karrde

  1. Hey guy,

    Like the pod cast. Also live in Milwaukee. Let me know if there are any meet ups. BTW one thing you mentioned the podcast about Initiative. They were supposed to do a sov swap with Tribal and take over Period Basis, that’s the reason they moved from Catch. Don’t know how that’s all working out for them right now though since Tribal couldn’t hold space and has moved on.

  2. Hey guys.. Don’t know how many volunteers you’ve had but I remember a while back you were asking if there was any enthusiastic players left in eve that would like to be on your show and I would like to throw my hat in the ring.. Been playing eve for 6 years and a proud carebear with a year of wormhole duty under his belt.. That is my in game name and you can look me up if you want.. I’m a mission runner/Industrialist with some pvp tendencies(especially with the new changes) and only mine in extreme emergencies and have the toothpick scars to prove it.. I’m in the U.S. eastern time zone and have thick skin so I can take the upcoming heckling with grace.. 🙂


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