Episode 32 w/ MASTER OF THE VOICE George Ledoux

Hello sports fans!

Episode 32 is here! Special guest this time around is the very talented George Ledoux (http://georgeledoux.com/). Having made a  name for himself in the world of Battletech as the voice of Duncan Fisher, George graces this New Eden spotlight with some of his very best character creations. Follow along with the latest EVE news, highlights and happenings while in the presence of the Lead Thug himself.

Next episode will be recorded this Monday, our special guest is NONE OTHER THAN RIPARD TEG OF JESTER’S TREK FAME. I can’t tell you how excited we all are about this, it’s been a long time coming.

As promised, Declarations of War Episode 32




Shoutouts and Acknowledgements

  • Alek- Mildly Intoxicated and Echoes of Nowhere
  • King- Agerol
  • Turtle – CCP for a decent Inferno patch
  • George Ledoux.- Shoutout to the LA writer who screwed my pooch today

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The Interview: George Ledoux
-When did you start voice acting
-First role, favorite role
-Duncan Fisher
-DUST 514 trailer http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rvt4WXBm-lA

4. EVE News

5. Contract Wrap Up

6. This Week in Mercs

  • CCP Request for Information to the Merc Community via Aleks
  • New merc offering 0.0 services: Vengance Inc. (managed by former NA. Seraph IX Basarb.  Didnt grad, but still cool to see.  Bomb-run experts from the look of it)
  • Cold Hand of Shadow hijacked!

7. CSM Coverage

  • Townhall the 18th at 18:00. see the Jita Park forums for more info. Will cover in episode 33.

8. Dramatic Reading


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Episode 31 w/ special guest Angux Thermopyle

Herro everybody, Turtle here. I just wanted to fill you in with a quick Q&A session, fielding questions from both the voices in my head and 4chan.

Q: Where’s Episode 30? you tard or just can’t count?

A: Episode 30 is currently in the hands of an angry and somewhat violent Scotsman (not actually the problem). He is also busy moving house (the actual problem). As such, I felt it wise to release 31 when it was done, and we will bring you 30 for our SULTRY interview with Arydanika. We haven’t forgotten about her, cause she’s been in our pubchat ever since.

Q: How did said Scotsman finish Episode 31 first?

A: He didn’t! Last time around I had posted that we were attempting some things to bring you a more regular release schedule of DoW. Well, one part of that plan was to create redundancy in how we record and edit our podcasts (that of course being fancy talk for “turtle’s gunna do it for a while”). Hopefully, expanding our pool of editors will lower work loads and release delays for all.

Q: Who’s your guest?

A: Angux Thermopyle! Used to be a leader in Elysian Empire, now he spends his free time with us 😉

Q: Show notes?

  • Shoutouts
  • Advertise on Declarations of War! Contact Alekseyev Karrde in-game or via forum pm at http://noirmercs.com
  • Interview with special guest Angux Thermopyle
  • Eve News
  • Contract Wrapup
  • This Week in Mercs
  • CSM Coverage
  • Dramatic Reading


-A- Awox – http://www.evenews24.com/2012/07/30/raw-theft-and-awoxing-in-against-all-authorities/

ATX – http://at.eve-ic.net/10/

Britain is gay! – http://www.evenews24.com/2012/07/31/the-mate-war-pretty-soon-no-english-word-will-be-safe/

Contract – Shadow Cartel – http://noirmercs.com/killboard/?a=cc_detail&ctr_id=211

Seleene/Voices from the Void – http://www.voicesfromthevoid.net/

CSM Summit Minutes –

Download the PDF here: http://www.eveonline.com/council/transcripts/2012/CSM_CCP_Meetings_May_June_2012.pdf

The “I have a life” version – http://www.evenews24.com/2012/08/04/csm-7-minutes-the-i-got-a-life-version/


As promised, Declarations of War Episode 31 with special guest Angux Thermopyle!

Much love -NT