DoW 111: By Our Powers Combined

“This is basically the next Great War”

Alek and Seleene are joined by special guests from Mercenary Coalition Cass Dyson, Danielle en Divalone, and lead FC Athen to talk about the massive conflict taking shape in nullsec. 

-Poll Results: Which CSM XI panel was best?

-A look at the new carrier fighters and what meta they may unleash

-TEST migrates north

-Hakonen Titan Graveyard

-The Next Great War Explained: A look at how the conflict in the north is shaping up plus analysis from the front lines of MC’s contract against Tribute and Vale

-March of the Newbros recap! Last events are this weekend




DoW Ballot for CSM XI


  1. Steve Ronuken: One of the best reps of recent CSMs, he’s definitely earned his reelection and will be a major asset to the fresh faces coming in
  2. Kyle Aparthos: A consensus builder who’s willing to pick fights when need be. Love it. I also think he puts the more aspirational parts of EVE and sov at the forefront when thinking about those topics which is super important.
  3. Toxic Yaken: The PVP side of highsec needs representation, and I think Toxic is the best fit to do that this year.
  4. Commander Aze: I don’t agree with all of his views, particularly on war decs, but I don’t there’s any doubt he is passionate about the CSM, understands their responsibilities, and will but everything he has behind making the council work.
  5. Nash Kadavr: Super passionate about EVE and knows the player gathering scene. With EVE’s RL meetups becoming ever more important, it’s good to have them represented on the CSM.

——In No Particular Order——

  • Diana Olympos
  • Utari Onzo
  • Apothne
  • Jin’taan
  • The Judge

You get to pick 14 candidates and EVERY vote counts. If you vote for the folks on this list, be assured your future is in good hands 😉 But even if you don’t the most important thing is to vote, get your corp mates to vote, get your fleet to vote. Let’s do this!

DoW 110: EVE History 101

An exclusive, in depth interview with Andrew Groen, author of A History of the Great Empires of EVE Online

-How he got the idea for the book

-EVE’s rich oral tradition

-Finding and vetting sources

-The rise and fall of BoB, Northern Coalition, Goons, and so so much more!