DoW 83: Preemptive Minutesgate

“Oh…That was a joke introduction but…”

-Ali Aras is back from the CSM Summit and DoW is here to give you the latest

-Alek reminds Turtle that all Declarations of War polls, despite missing from a few shows, are very serious and conducted with the utmost scientific rigor.

EVE News: Revenant event major let down due to technical problems, Battle Report from FRONT fight with BL+PL+Shadow Cartel+EE+DT, Catch vs Provi continues with the Bloodbath in BR

Contract: Suddenly Syndicate

This Week in Mercs: Narwhals Ate My Duck collapses

CSM Corner: Alek grills Ali on the results of the recent CSM Summit. Topics include null changes, minutes release date, and much more!

Noir. History: The first merc alliance we ever joined, Noir. in Trinity Nova

EndingGirl, That’s a Booty Hole Remix

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DoW 82: Super Team


Feat. the behind the scenes on MAJOR developments on Noir., NA., and the merc industry in general.

-Contract Wrap Up: ATXII and the handful of people that were way too optimistic about our chances

-EVE News: HERO vs Provi (EVE Bet Revenent event was the day after this so we’ll talk about it next show)

This Week In Mercs: MAJOR announcements about Noir. and Noir. Academy, also Marmite dec’d NMG. again with nothing to show for it

CSM Corner: Townhalls and summits coming up!

Ending Song: Botinka Ra – Lewy