DoW 71: Goblins and Pitchforks

“Let’s go ahead and have you read that again.”

Poll Results: How closely do you follow the New Eden Open?

EVE News: Nexus Fleet fold into Nulli Secunda after so recently splitting to form their own coalition, Threadnotica 1 and the Bonus Room (note, episode recorded before CCP’s banning of Erotica 1 and subsequent GM postings)

Contract Wrap Up: Goblin’s Crusade (aka RvBee)

This Week In Mercs: Darwin’s Lemmings refashions itself into Marmite Collective’s training alliance

CSM Corner: Refining reform dev blog, Ali Aras gives an update on her CSM campaign, and Alek gives a preview of upcoming CSM9 Issue panels

-New T-shirt and poster designs in the store!

CSM9 Issue Panel: Industry

Featuring CSM9 candidates Mynnna, Steve Ronuken, and Sugar Kyle

Topics covered: Industry UI, each candidates thoughts on the direction indy improvements should take, highsec production capacity, impact of FW on lowsec industry, Farms and Fields from the producer perspective

Recorded the day before the release of today’s dev blog regarding changes to refining. Kudos to CSM8 incumbent Mynnna for being able to stop himself from letting the cat out of the bag during this in depth discussion.

DoW 70 “I Need a HERO”

“Woop woop”

-Alek will now be cohosting the TForce LCS Rundown so all you League of Legends bros come get your fix

Poll Discussion: NC. or Nulli?

EVE News: HERO CO has arrived, Darkness of Despair disbands with N3/PL recovering lots of space, NEO II finals this weekend, the ALOD to end all ALODs

Contract Wrap Up: The conclusion of our titanic Tenerifis contract

This Week In Mercs: Listener mail about hiring mercs and the Minmatar highsec POCO struggle comes full circle

CSM Corner: CSM is knee deep in summer expansion planning, progress being made on the minutes, and CCP dips their toes into ship skinning

Masterclass: Recap and Reflection on Ali’s Solo Training


Hek Battle

3/22 Maryland Meetup

3/22 Milwaukee Meetup

CSM9 Election Coverage, Request for Comments!

Hey folks, our CSM9 election coverage is about to start up. We’ll be doing panel discussions of 3-4 candidates at a time going over their approaches to the many challenges EVE and its community face. This is where you come in:

Leave a comment on this post about what issues you’d like to see the candidates grouped around! CCP/CSM relations? Player communication? Sov mechanics? Industry? You name it and we’ll try to make it happen!